"If you need 144 rolls of toilet paper for a 40 day quarantine, you probably should have seen the doctor long before Covid-19."

Sam T. Spoonlicker


A message from our illustrious founder

Some people aren't shaking hands because of the Coronavirus. I'm not shaking hands because everyone is out of toilet paper, but that’s another story. While Covid-19 sticks around waitin’ for the other Horsemen of the Apocalypse to arrive, old Sam will be closin’ up shop. I figure that the last thing on your mind right now is my delicious cookie dough,  sippin' dough shakes, booze-infused truffles or my cavalcade of curiously concocted confections. And if it ‘aint, it should be!  Yea, I said it.

People out there need your help more than you need to stuff your pie-hole with my sweet treats and fanciful eats. Cookie Dough ‘aint important right now. Takin' care of your kin and other folk is. STAY HOME. Don’t hoard. Call an elderly neighbor and make sure they have the provisions or medical attention they need. If they don't, give up some of yours and leave it on their doorstep. Do the right thing. Your grandparents were called to fight in world wars. You’re being called to sit on a sofa and wash your hands... don’t f*** this up!

When this is all over… we’ll be back. Maybe even with a new, rock n' roll inspired flavor, "My Corona". Too soon?

Stay healthy. Stay happy. Stay Strong. x

Sam T. Spoonlicker

Coming soon from Sam T's kitchen, our brand new line of toppings! a fine selection of tantalizingly tasty tonics to invigorate drab desserts or the perfect companion for our curious confections. available in four flavors: butter cream elixir, white choco-matcha, hibiscus lavender honey and salted caramel whiskey. open up and say "awesome!"

(Nationwide shipping available!)

The Legend of

sam t. spoonlicker

Samuel Tobias was a strange boy. While the other kids played outside with their whirling dervishes, sippin’ on Mr. Winslow’s Opium Elixir, Sam stayed in the kitchen at his grandma’s side.

Ol’ Mrs. T loved to bake and little Sammy loved to lick… Devouring each and every morsel of her sweet culinary concoctions left behind in the mixing bowl.

One day, while lapping up the last of his Maw Maw’s classic chocolate chip, Sam’s fervent fixation for spoonlickin’ got way out of control. So much so, the utensil full of the delicious dough got stuck in his pie-hole, somewhere between molars 14 and 19, and from that day to his last, could never be removed.

Following that fateful occurrence, Sam T. never left the kitchen. Instead, he devoted the rest of his life to mastering the art of beard growin’ and Cookie Dough makin’— perfecting his grandma’s recipes while whippin’ up a whole mess of his own! Today, Sam’s proud legacy lives on at 

Sam T. Spoonlicker's

Y'all be sure to stop by real soon and sample his Dough-licious Edible Cookie Dough, Sippin’ Dough™ Shakes, Prohibition Bites™ and other Curious Confections.

Spoonlickin'Good Dough

that's safe to eat

Remember how excited you were waiting to lick the batter off mom's mixing spoon? So do we. That's the feeling inspiring everything we do at Sam T. Spoonlicker's. 

All of Sam T's cookie dough is prepared with the greatest of care, using pasteurized eggs and heat treated flour (mixed with a whole mess of sweet deliciousness). The result is our

Spoonlickin’ down-home, old-timey taste that's fun and safe to eat anytime you get a hankerin' to fill your pie hole.

(including vegan and gluten-friendly options).

Can't shove it all in your 'skull cave' in one serving? Don't worry. You can take our dough home, refrigerate and eat it later. Mix it with ice cream or bake into delicious (almost) home-made cookies. Shhhh..we 'aint telling. ;)

Life's short y'all.... Just DOUGH IT!

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