we're hiring!

At Sam T. Spoonlicker's World Famous Cookie Dough, we're always on the lookout for for team members who are able to smile and have fun at work while delivering a flawless guest experience. Think you have what it takes to work on The 'T'-Team? 

Smile first and last!

Focus on friendly guest interaction and engagement by smiling and greeting the guest before they greet you. If ol’ Sam T didn’t have a spoon stuck in his pie-hole, he’d be right there with you!

Always know your cookie dough!

In a world of food allergies and dietary restrictions, it’s important to know our flavors and ingredients. Product knowledge is also a pathway to helping customers choose the flavor that’s perfect for them!

Make a difference in someone's day!

Have fun at work while paying friendliness forward. It’s is a DOUGH brainer!


Because we’re all in this together…. You, me, even Sam T!


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